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1.5 hours one on one mentoring - 119 Euro (VAT included)

We help on demand and bring you back on track!

No need to be frustrated or being stuck with a problem.
Request and book dedicated time with an industry professional! 

One on one mentoring with live sharing screens and fully recorded video.

Berker Siino will be your mentor for these Environment Art sessions. Check out his artstation page here

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Dani Haynes

Highly recommend!

Having mentorship sessions alongside my University course has been invaluable, as it has allowed me to further extend my education, and progress a lot faster. My experience with Berker Siino’s mentoring has been second to none. Being able to be taught 1 on 1 with the opportunity to ask any, and as many questions as I wanted was extremely valuable. Everything is explained thoroughly so is easy to understand. He goes above and beyond to take all the extra time necessary to make sure you fully understand everything, and that you get the most out of your sessions. Berker is also extremely friendly and fun to talk to. I not only see him as a mentor, but also a friend. I would highly recommend this to anyone of any skill level.


Mike Sido

Would Definitely recommend!

I took a mentorship on character lighting in unreal, a subject that there are not many resources online to learn from (specialized on characters). The 1-on-1 really helped me understand the workflow and answered all my questions regarding the subject. I would definitely recommend to anyone on all skills levels.


Patrick van Rooijen

Awesome Experience!

Taking a mentorship has been a great choice. Being able to interact with an industry veteran in a 1-on-1 basis and ask the questions you need help with has been awesome and I would definitely recommend anyone, beginner of expert, to try it. I know I definitely will again at some point


Nikolai Lønberg

Glad I took the plunge

Stumbling upon and Berker Siino has been one of the better happy accidents of my life! The feedback and support received here has been fantastic, and I look forward to many more future sessions. Having the opportunity to get a professionals eye to review my work has had more impact than I ever expected it would. If you've ever wondered about getting a mentor - I can't recommend this place enough!

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