Get ready to become a 3D artist

You do not need a certain degree or diploma to be an artist. Let me show you how to land your dream job and how to become a professional 3D artist working in the games industry. Change your life and have a great paying job supporting a better lifestyle and your family.

Live talk face to face

Let us talk face to face during our Online Courses. Meet Instructors and learn the latest techniques and workflows from professionals working in the games industry.


We provide up to date knowledge for digital art and game development. Take this opportunity and level up your life. Get a great paying and fun job.

Loyal network

Be part of the family and join Donpolygon's network. Meet Dons and Donnas of digital art in your inner circle.

"Hi there, Berker Siino here! Every since I was holding a pen I knew that I want to become an artist. In my childhood, I used to draw comics and did creative work in my free time. It quickly evolved and I started rebuilding scenarios with my Lego bricks to play with my actions toys. The games industry is the right place for me. It simply allows me to be a little boy and live in may fantasy and creativity again. Since 2008 I am a professional 3D artist who worked on a wide array of projects and games. Now I want to give back and teach you guys how to land your dream job and to level up your life"


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"If you are an aspiring game artist and want to break into the industry or if just want to learn some new tips and tricks to spice up your workflow, you should definitely check out Donpolygon!"

Marcel Schaika
Lead Environment Artist @ Crytek / Hunt:Showdown.


"Donpolygon is a great source for any 3d artist, who wants to learn new skills or learn something new to benefit the workflow. Berker is a great teacher as well as a great master of his craft."

Kirill Tokarev
Editor in Chief @ 80 Level

80 level

"If you are serious about learning the craft of developing games, look no further. I wish I had access to something like this when I first started out in the industry."

Marcus Krautwurst
Senior Technical Artist I @ Blizzard Entertainment


Client work

Want to be an instructor?

We are looking for industry veterans who have enough experience to share. Let's have a chat face to face and find out if this could be something for you.

E-mail to [email protected]


3D art services

3D Environments and props for any real-time engine or application. Stylized, hard-surface or organic prepared to be used in common PBR engines and applications including PC, AR, VR, and mobile.

E-mail to [email protected]


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